Teach me, Lord,What I don't know.
Show me which way
And where to go Alone I stumble
Alone I fall But your gentle voice
Leads through it all
Take my hand Light my way
With you all my life. Don't you know that it's true. I'm living to love you
Teach me, Lord and Father, Your child has become like new


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

i like this movie

Ronin mean ancient Japanese leave domicile to the field or foreign wandering samurai, also known as "floating wave", these people often do not master the king, If you have read unassailable people knew her and hibiscus ronin collusion to such terms in the familiar also However.

47 Ronin former real events from ancient Japan, when Ako Asano attempted stabbing Santo Santo Kira Edo unsuccessful, was the Prince in general, the ronin's Wu Shicheng, then counterattack hardships for a long time and finally kill Edo Santo subsequently Seppuku suicide, this event has been in Japan and later the big screen before, now is a fancy Hollywood mystery dedicated to Japanese culture around the world appreciate her course。
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Monday, 23 December 2013

Time left sincere.时间留下的,不是财富,不是美丽,是真诚。

山有山的高度,水有水的深度,没必要攀比,每个人都有自己的长处; 风有风的自由,云有云的温柔,没必要模仿,每个人都有自己的个性。 你认为快乐的,就去寻找; 你认为值得的,就去守候; 你认为幸福的,就去珍惜。 依心而行,无憾今生。 人生1条路:走自己的路; 人生2件宝:身体好,心情好。 人生有4苦:看不透,舍不得,输不起,放不下。 人生5句话: 再难也要坚持,再好也要淡泊,再差也要自信, 再多也要节省,再冷也要热情。 人生6财富: 身体,知识,梦想,信念,自信,骨气。 初级的快乐是肉体的快乐,那是饱、暖、物、欲。 中级的快乐是精神的快乐,那是诗词歌赋、琴棋书画、游走天下。 高级的快乐是灵魂的快乐,那是付出、奉献,让他人因为你的存在而快乐! 平庸的人只有一条命,叫性命; 优秀的人有两条命,即性命和生命; 卓越的人则有三条命,性命、生命和使命。它们分别代表着生存、生活和责任! 人与人的差距,表面上看是财富的差距,实际上是福报的差距; 表面上看是人脉的差距,实际上是人品的差距; 表面上看是气质的差距,实际上是涵养的差距; 表面上看是容貌的差距,实际上是心地的差距; 表面上看是人与人都差不多,内心境界却大不相同,心态决定命运。 人只有落魄一次,才知道谁最真谁最在乎你。 陪伴,不是你有钱我才追随。 珍惜,不是你漂亮我才关注。 时间留下的,不是财富,不是美丽,是真诚。
mountain heights , water has a water depth is not necessary comparisons , everyone has their own strengths ; Wind freedom of the wind , Clouds gentle, no need to imitate , everyone has their own personality. Do you think happiness , and went looking for ; Do you think worth it, go to waiting ; Do you think happiness , went to cherish. Depending on the heart line , life without regret . A way of life : go its own way ; Life 2 Treasure : good health, good mood . There are four bitter life : see through , reluctant, lose, does not fit . 5 life sentences: Hard to have to adhere to , no matter how indifferent should then have poor self-confidence, Should save more , but also warm and then cold . Life 6 Fortune : Physical, intellectual , dreams , faith , confidence, spineless . Happiness is the primary physical pleasure , it is full, warm , physical , desire . Intermediate happiness is spiritual happiness, it is poetry, poetry and painting , wandering the world . Senior happiness is happy soul , that is giving, sacrifice, let others because of your presence and happy ! Only a mediocre person commandment unto life ; Good people have two lives , that life and life ; Excellent people will have three life, life , life and mission. They represent the survival , life and responsibility ! The gap between people, the wealth gap between the surface is , in fact, the gap between the reward ; On the surface is the gap between contacts , in fact, the gap between the character of ; On the surface qualities of the gap , the gap is actually a conservation ; On the surface appearance of the gap , the gap is actually the heart ; The surface is people are similar, but different from the inner realm , decide the fate mentality . People only come down once, and then who knows who the best really care about you . Companionship, not your money I follow. Cherish , not you I was pretty concerned . Time left , not wealth , not beautiful , is sincere.

Today meet myself

什么样的人才可以被称为高贵? 富人就是高贵的吗? 不,富和贵有本质的不同, 有的人富了,但是不一定高贵; 有的人很穷,但是却不一定贫贱。 一个高贵的人, 不论在任何时候都是谦逊的, 他们总是用谦虚的心灵不断汲取着自然和他人的智慧, 从而不断超越自己,走向高贵。 一个高贵的人也犯错误, 但是他们与普通人的区别是, 他们总能够从自己的错误中悔悟, 使自己不再重蹈覆辙。 也许.............. 我们让自己成为富翁是一生都达不到的目标, 但是,让自己成为一个高贵的人却不难, 只要我们让自己活得善良,活得有尊严, 让自己有着坚持理智的心,就能够做到。 Feeling Freedom at Most Special Island with Piano at China Hokkien Xiamen Gulang island
What kind of people can be called noble? Is rich and noble it? No, you have a rich and essentially different, Some people rich, but not necessarily noble; Some people are poor, but not necessarily poor and lowly. A noble man, Whether humble at all times, They always humble soul with the wisdom of nature and continue to learn from others, Thus continue to surpass themselves, to the noble. A noble people make mistakes, But the difference between them and ordinary people is They can always repent from their mistakes, So that they are no longer making the same mistakes. Maybe .............. We allow themselves to be rich is to reach the goal of his life, But let himself become a noble man, but not difficult, As long as we allow ourselves to live a good, live with dignity, Let yourself with a stick rational mind, we can do it.