Teach me, Lord,What I don't know.
Show me which way
And where to go Alone I stumble
Alone I fall But your gentle voice
Leads through it all
Take my hand Light my way
With you all my life. Don't you know that it's true. I'm living to love you
Teach me, Lord and Father, Your child has become like new


Thursday, 24 April 2014


当我真的觉悟自己时, 当我真的有爱时, 我会在你说话时凝视着你, 我试图理解你在说什么, 而不是在准备怎样回答 我接纳你的感受, 听到你的想法, 看见你的灵魂 当我真的有爱时, 我倾听并选择放下防卫 我听见你了, 而且对于对与错不加评判 当我没听懂时, 我还请你澄清我没有理解的地方。 当我真的有爱时, 我允许你深深地触动我, 即使我可能会因此而受伤。 我告诉你, 我的梦想、我的希望、我的受伤, 以及什么能带给我喜悦 我还跟你分享我在哪里失败了, 在哪里我觉得做的还不错。 当我真的有爱时, 我跟你一起放声大笑, 但有时我也会幽默地嘲弄你一番, 我会跟你谈心,而不是对你训话。 当我真的有爱时, 我会尊重你的空间, 而不是强行挤入, 我会在你的界限周围徘徊, 或后退几步, 直道你感到舒服地让我进入为止; 我不会强迫你说出心中的秘密 我等待, 直到你自己选择暴露它们给我。 当我真的有爱时, 我将自己的人生剧本放在一边, 让演出告一段落。 无论好坏美丑, 我只做自己就是了 我也愿意看到你的一切, 无论好与坏,美丽还是丑陋。

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beggars and me

When beggars receive a rose  from me.

Once I was a flower girl for the school fundraiser after most of the roses sold, the weather has been late, I decided to end the work day earlier reunited with their families! Then I found a beggar sitting on the roadside in accordance decadent. My cheeks floating a warm smile! I decided to give the roses in the hands of a beggar!

Beggars never dreamed someone would actually give their roses! Remarkable vitality like tis spent the next street maps, beautiful bright! Could that be the goddess of fortune to visit my friends? Beggar myself, feeling everything is so different tonight! That red flower like a fire ignited as he. Let him hot boiling, heart suddenly brightened! I realize I have not been abandoned in this world! He delighted way back home!

 Beggars home, immediately found his messy room a bottle, put in his mind, meaning the roses come in small minds keep up! He sat quietly at the table enjoying it! Suddenly what he seems to think, and then he immediately took the flowers, take the bottle rinse again after the flowers inserted into translucent bottle!
 It turned out he suddenly felt, how can such a beautiful flower freely inserted in the bottle so dirty, so he decided to put the bottle clean, so was worthy of such a beautiful rose!
 And after that job, he was sitting on the edge quietly enjoying the beautiful rose, and suddenly he felt how could such a beautiful flower and so clean bottle on the table so dirty, so he started working on the wipe the table clean, tidy the debris!

 After processing he was sitting on the edge quietly enjoy in front of all of a sudden he felt how could such a beautiful rose and so clean so cluttered desk in the room it? So he made a decision, the whole room cleaning again, put all the items neatly, clean out all the junk room .......
  Roses flower in the room because the mapping becomes warm up! Then he seemed to have forgotten their own where they are, when you are intoxicated, suddenly found a reflection in the mirror unkempt, slovenly, ragged clothes young man, he did not think I actually like this, so people have to stay so what qualifications room with roses accompanied it?    He washed out of the house for the first time several years bath!
A haircut, shave the beard, for the clean clothes. He bid farewell to the past! From the beginning of his life! Return to the front of the mirror! The original herself in the mirror is so different from the past!

He directed at the mirror and smiled, and he smiled in the mirror. He waved his hand, the mirror also waved. So, do not know when he is in tears! That life is so simple: When you laugh when you punch it, it will smile at you!    Since then people no longer see him begging figure!

With his focus on students of faith, whatever their own work from the start, do not care about the pros and cons. Was quickly recognized by everyone! He is idle, it will stand in front of the mirror to examine your own! However, a mirror every day show themselves as new!

  Today, he has accomplished in his house still stood a glass bottle, which has become stuck in dried flower roses! In his opinion still is so fresh!